The Myths About Male Sexuality

Male sexuality is an enticing topic for most people because it has so many different caveats to it.

It is hard to pinpoint what is real and what is not with male sexuality, and that is going to be broken down here in this article.

Here are seven of the biggest myths that are talked about when it comes to male sexuality and what it stands for.

1) Sex drives men

This is one of the biggest myths about male sexuality and the one that gets passed around a lot.

Men are not driven by sex, and most people will never think about it until they have an opportunity to sleep with someone they like. It won’t be something they are thinking about every waking moment of their lives.

Many men choose to stay away from sex out of preference and don’t care for it unless they are with their partner at home. This is often the case, and men vary based on how much they like to have sex as well. This is all a part of how people are different.

2) Men Don’t Have To Be Gay To Participate In Gay Sex

Men who have sex with other men don’t have to be gay to do so. This is seen in many circumstances.

Many men don’t mind the idea of sleeping with another man for the pure pleasure of it. There is nothing more to it, and they don’t see themselves falling in love with a man ever. They regard themselves as being straight and only willing to love women but can have occasional anal sex if desired.

Imagine a gay man who goes to husband and says he’s into anal sex, but his husband says he isn’t. Does this mean the man is straight? No, it says he is simply not into that part of sex and likes to do other things with his gay partner.

3) Men Prefer Porn Over Wives

People who tend to watch porn are assumed to love the women they see on-screen over their wives.

This is untrue because people don’t connect the two and separate them. 20lwivesPorn is simply an outlet to achieve one result, and that is their orgasm. It is not seen as a replacement for their partner nor is it about preference. It is simply a way to ease their masturbation and make it appealing.

Wives are rarely brought into the picture when such decisions are done to watch porn. Men often love their wives just as much as they did on day one even if they watch porn every day.

4) Inability To Get Erect Means Partner Is Unattractive

Men who are unable to maintain or develop an erection are clearly not attracted to their partner sexually.

This is untrue, and there is a medical reason for why men are not able to maintain an erection. This can be treated using solutions such as Viagra and many people do use them with confidence. While other people are dealing with stress and that can lead to an inability to become erect even if they find their partner to be the most attractive woman in the world.

5) Anal Sex Shows Signs of Homosexuality

A man that prefers anal sex does not have to be a closet homosexual.

Anal sex is another way to get pleasure in a man’s eyes, and if he has a willing partner, he will want to explore that side of his sexuality. It is not something that connects to homosexuality because it’s only about pleasure.

The anus is used for fun and nothing more. The mind doesn’t plug in this back to another man or anything of that nature.

Gay men sometimes don’t prefer anal sex, does this mean they are straight? No, that is not the case at all! It is simply a preference.

6) Porn Leads To Adultery

Men who are into porn will start to cheat on their wives sooner rather than later is the myth many people state is real. No, this is a huge myth and something you should be aiming to ignore as soon as you can.

Adultery is a real problem, but it doesn’t stem from porn.

Porn is an outlet to pleasure oneself and being able to pull it out at will makes it an excellent source for men. It has nothing to do with a desire to cheat or fall in love with another woman.

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7) Men Always Act Upon Their Fantasies

This is a myth as many people can reserve their fantasies and put them to the side for as long as they need to. Some might never get the opportunity to participate in those fantasies, and it won’t bother them.

For men, it is just an extension of their sexuality and not something that has to be reserved as unique or troubling.

These are the seven myths about male sexuality that tend to get passed around on a regular basis between people who are unaware or assume they have the answer when they don’t. It is essential to pay attention to reality instead of judging the male population.

This isn’t reserved for women who assume men are a specific way but men themselves who believe they have to act in a particular manner or their actions are leading up to something. This is rarely the case, and these myths prove that reality.

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